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Point of View

Personal point of view & thoughts. For limited audiences.

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yosafatjo.com consists of some multiple sites, use one of these three of our sub-domains:

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Photography | Music | Church | Point of View

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Business & Commercial

Web Design & Developers | Commercial Trading

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Website ini khusus kumpulan artikel tentang berbagai info di sekitar kita.

Point of View

Opini dan pengalaman penulis website. Untuk kalangan sendiri.

GMW Store: Toserba Online

Dapatkan pengalaman belanja daily needs non food & beverages secara online.


Cara modern dapatkan kebutuhan kresek secara online: mudah & cepat.

Faco Store

Apapun kebutuhan aksesoris mu, cek di Faco Store dan nikmati kemudahannya!


Butuh Website Design & Developers, Dedicated Online Shop? Klik Gambar ini.

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a Photograph Journal.